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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Scenarios Network (ScenNet)

The Belmont Forum funded project ScenNet intended to strengthen national and international ties between researchers working on scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The project involved resear­chers from a wide range of disciplines covering all aspects of scenarios, such as the mode­ling of impacts of global change on biodiversity and eco­system services, scenarios of socio-economic development that take into account biodiversity and ecosystem ser­vices, and feedbacks of changes in biodiversity and ecosystem ser­vices on decision making. At the global level, the project supported the Intergovernmental Platform for Bio­diversity and Ecosystem services (IPBES).

Summer school workshop: Models and Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

In collaboration with the University of Zurich Life Science Graduate School, bioDISCOVERY organised a summer school workshop on the use and implementation of scenarios and models in biodiversity, ecosystem and sustainability studies. The workshop intended to equip the students with the necessary skills to understand the purpose, scenario building process, and use of scenarios and models to examine different policy options, and approaches to integrate different stakeholder views, and to evaluate scenario outcomes. 
The summer school workshop was taught by Osamu Saito (United Nations University), William WL Cheung (University of British Columbia), Simona Pedde (Wageningen University) and Isabel Rosa (Integrative Centre for Biodiversity Research iDIV)