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Biodiversity at all levels is impacted by global-scale drivers of environmental change, such as habitat degradation and loss, overexploitation and climate change. The pressures exerted on biodiversity and ecosystems are likely to increase in future. In addition, feedbacks exists between the response of biodiversity and ecosystems with these drivers of change. Consistent monitoring of biodiversity change to understand the impacts of environmental change, and the resulting feedbacks, as well as use of projections of future biodiversity dynamics can support decision making that is intended to slow biodiversity loss.

bioDISCOVERY seeks to mobilise the scientific community to advance research on monitoring, observation and modelling of biodiversity and ecosystems in order to improve our understanding of how biodiversity and ecosystems respond to environmental change, and to overcome the barriers that impede the use of observations and modelling in management and decision-making.


To develop innovative perspectives on biodiversity and ecosystem services based on high-quality data, observation methodologies and mechanistic models of biodiversity and ecosystems, and present them for use at the science-policy interface.

Key contacts

The bioDISCOVERY international project office (IPO) is hosted by the Remote Sensing Laboratories, Department of Geography of the University of Zurich.

Dr. rer. nat. Cornelia Krug


Responsible for the implementation of the
bioDISCOVERY science plan and day-to-day running of the IPO.

Prof Michael Schaepman


Guiding the implementation of the bioDISCOVERY science plan, linking to observation scientific partners and community.

Dr Lynne Shannon


Guiding the implementation of the bioDISCOVERY science plan, linking to marine scientific and stakeholder community.

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